What is Prayer?


Praying, why? how? when? So many questions come with praying.

Why do we talk to someone that we can not see? 

How do we pray? has it got to be a long prayer? can it be a prayer about anything or has it got to be specific?

When do we pray? some religions have set times when they pray, do Christians?

We pray to God because we have Faith that He sees and hears everything, He is constantly with us.

We believe that if it is His will, we have faith and ask sincerely from our hearts our prayers will be answered.

From the very small to the miraculous. 

Nothing is impossible for God.

A prayer can be as long or as short as you wish, from as simple as "Please help me Lord" to The Lord's Prayer. A prayer can be about anything, You can pray at anytime day or night, eyes open or closed, kneeling, sitting or standing, out loud or to yourself.

All that matters is you believe that God hears your prayer, have faith that God will answer your prayer and you are truely sincere and speak from the heart.

Prayer is a powerful weapon against many things, but it is also a way for us to express our love for God and His Son Jesus Christ. We can ask God for anything, but we should not forget to tell Him how grateful and blessed we are for everything He has already done for us.

If you feel you are in need of prayer then please get in touch here.